Turkey Launches Fourth Sunset Review of Anti-Dumping Duties on Tube or Pipe Fittings from Six Countries


The Turkish government has announced the launch of a fourth sunset review of anti-dumping duties on tube or pipe fittings from six countries: Brazil, Bulgaria, China, India, Indonesia, and Thailand. The review will assess whether the duties are still necessary to protect the Turkish industry from dumped imports.

The first anti-dumping duty on tube or pipe fittings from these countries was imposed in 2012. The duty was subsequently extended in 2015, 2018, and 2021. The fourth sunset review is scheduled to be completed by April 2024.

If the Turkish government determines that the duties are no longer necessary, they will be revoked. However, if the government finds that the duties are still necessary, they will be extended for another five years.

The sunset review is a routine process that is conducted by the Turkish government every five years. The review is designed to ensure that anti-dumping duties are only imposed when necessary to protect the Turkish industry from dumped imports.

The launch of the fourth sunset review is likely to be closely watched by the tube or pipe fittings industry in Turkey and the six countries that are subject to the duties. The outcome of the review could have a significant impact on the Turkish industry and the international trade in tube or pipe fittings.

In April 2018, Turkey’s authorities made a final determination to extend the AD duty on tube or pipe fittings from the six countries. Among them, China, Bulgaria, and Brazil’s duty rates remained at US$800/ton, US$400/ton, and US$400/ton, respectively. The duty rate for Indonesia remained at US$253/ton or US$400/ton, that for India remained at US$305/ton or US$400/ton, and that for Thailand remained at US$147/ton or US$400/ton, depending on the company.

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