European Court of Justice rules AD duty on China’s seamless pipe is invalid


The Court of Justice of the European Union just made a judgment on February 5 as ruling that Council Regulation’s imposition of a definitive anti-dumping (AD) duty on imports of certain seamless pipes and tubes of iron or steel from China is invalid since it could not find the actual damage or threat to the European industry.

Since 2009, the European Union imposed AD duties on certain seamless pipes up to 39.2%. However, in 2014, the Court of Justice ruled that there was no enough evidence to find the threat to the European industry products from China’s Hubei Xinyegang Steel Co., Ltd. Therefore, the EU canceled the imposition of the duty on the company.

German company Eurocylinder Systems, a manufacturer of high-pressure cylinders, requested a preliminary ruling for the repayment of definitive AD duties on imports of seamless pipes from China. It brought a lawsuit to Hamburg Finance Court then transferred to the Court of Justice. The case was the final appeal of the Court.