ArcelorMittal to increase production at Sestao steel plant in Spain


ArcelorMittal decided to increase its crude steel production at its Sestao steel plant this year, which is located in Spain.

After the expansion of production, the Sestao steel plant may be able to occupy almost half of the 1-million total annual production of ArcelorMittal. Meanwhile, if the prospect remains optimistic, the production of the mentioned mill might further go up.

Sestao is integrated in the so called “Great Bilbao”, the main industrial area in the north of Iberia peninsula.

Sestao plant is located on the left side bank of the Bilbao river, which is navigable for vessels up to 5,000 tonnes and which is also connected to Bilbao port in case of higher volume shipments. Maritime logistic is used for scrap intake flows and also for coils shipment deliveries. Sestao is also well connected by road and rail, to reach any customer in the world.

ArcelorMittal Sestao is a new generation steel plant which is technologically advanced and at same time, collecting more than 100 years of steel knowledge from the further steel industry history in the area.