Analysis for business statistics in a data-driven world

ABX identifies market trends and customer challenges and through its key experts, proposes concrete solutions providing support in their implementation.

ABX is a business consulting company with a focus on market research in the field of metals.

Our Data Analytics software allows us to securely store, explore and analyze all types of data on an unlimited scale. We, as a market research company, with its expertise in data search and processing, offer consolidated and systematic data based on various sources, which helps us to obtain real market information for any HS product or classification.

Analysis, from descriptive to predictive, is the key to customer retention and business growth.

We provide you with the information management tools you need to capitalize on your most valuable business asset – your data – so you can find customer information, protect your organization, and generate new revenue opportunities.

We like to make things as simple as possible. In order to have predictive capabilities, there no longer needs to be an expensive team of scientists and data resources.

Our goal is to help companies unlock the power of ML and improve decision-making more easily.
Get clear information about the added value of predictive analytics in your organization.

Most companies have resources that they either don’t know or don’t know about but can’t use because they don’t have the necessary know-how; their identification being a real “treasure hunt”.

ABX helps you identify the treasures in your company

• Data Mining & Classification (clustering)
• Data Architecture
• Big Data Assessment
• Hands-on proposal for data analysis

Big Data can be used to obtain information in the following areas

Market information, consisting of information on macroeconomics, monetary policies, tariffs, metal exchanges, fluctuations in commodity prices, information on competitors and geopolitical situations.
Partner ecosystem data generated by external stakeholders such as customers, agencies, service centers, extractive industry, shippers and ship operators.